U Spy: New Porsche 991 Turbos Drop By Santa Barbara

CarScoop reader Ben F. has supplied us with a spy picture he shot earlier this summer of a 2013 Porsche 911 Turbo prototype parked at a gas station somewhere in Santa Barbara. We will let Ben explain the ‘hows and whens’ of the encounter: “I spotted the 991 Turbo in Santa Barbara this July. There were three of them: two coupes and one cab. All three were black. They were probably headed to the Mojave for some heat stress-testing. I attached a picture for you. The air inlets on the sides have plastic panels on them that look like those from the 996… I don’t think they’re part of the car, but the air intakes themselves are DEFINITELY real.” Ben is pretty spot on with his observations as Porsche has recently discovered the joys of fake decals for its prototype models (remember the goofy-looking headlamps and taillights on the 991 Carrera test cars?). The new 991 Turbo is expected to arrive in the market sometime next year. Thanks to Ben F. for the Scoop!