Sandy Super Storm: Bentley Continental GTC Convertible Driver Thinks he Owns a Boat

New videos shot during the cataclysmic Hurricane and then Post-Tropical Storm Sandy that unleashed it power on the Mid-Atlantic and New England Coasts this week are constantly popping up on the web. In this clip filmed by a one “Gianni F“, who along with his friend, was navigating through the flooded roads of Bayville, New York, captured several drivers including one in a Bentley Continental GTC Convertible and another in a BMW 5-Series sedan playing with their expensive wheel’s fate and…insurance premiums. Too bad the person recording the video didn’t turn around to show us the outcome of their overly risky exploits (not to mention that someone ought to tell people filming that they should learn to hold their devices the right way…). You will find this video along with two more Sandy-related recordings after the break.