European Economic Crisis May Lead to Delay of Bentley and Lamborghini SUVs

The ongoing European debt crisis was bound to touch even Germany’s finest in one way or another. While Europe’s biggest carmaker, the Volkswagen Group, doesn’t have a problem yet, the company’s decision makers believe it’s wise to prepare for the worst and save some cash aside by putting on hold certain projects.

Inside sources told Autonews and Reuters that VW officials might delay the introductions of two new SUVs from Bentley and Lamborghini, among other vehicles.

Bentley previewed its super-luxurious crossover with the EXP 9 F study in Geneva this year, while its group sister company Lamborghini showed the Urus SUV Concept at the Beijing Auto Show in China this past April.

“It’ll be tough to turn the models into sustainable business cases,” Frankfurt-based IHS analyst Henner Lehne told the news sites.

Equinet AG analyst Tim Schuldt’s comments were more or less on the same lines: “Such vehicles are anything but obligatory during a crisis. Delaying their launch would be no drama but help save costs.”

The German carmaker is rumored to make a decision on the matter during a VW’s supervisory board on November 23.

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