Ferrari Orgasm: Lady Goes Nuts After Seeing an F430 Spider

We all get excited once in a while, perhaps some more than others, but what you’re about to see and…hear for yourself in this mobile phone footage is something beyond verbal explanation. Nevertheless, we will try to give a basic outline. From what we can tell, a woman driving with her friend in a Renault Twingo, quite possibly in Spain judging by their accents (if we are wrong, tell us in the comments), spot a red Ferrari F430 Spider coming from behind. Then all…screech breaks loose with the driver and passenger(s) of the Twingo going crazy about the Ferrari that passes their car. You may have figured it out already, but just to be on the safe side, you might want to turn down the volume of your speakers if you don’t want people in the same room thinking that you’re watching something far more spicierKudos to Antonio S. for the video tip!