Ferrari Reportedly Planning to Lift the Veil Off F70 Hybrid at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show

There’s a lot we know about Ferrari’s next hypercar, but there’s also a lot we don’t. If we are to believe a report from Inside Line, then we can add the venue where the unveiling of the car we’ve come to call the F70 (even though the name has not been confirmed yet) will take place to the list of things we know. The news site said the Ferrari F70’s world premiere in front of a public audience will be held at the 2013 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit next January. If true, then it’s more likely than not that Ferrari will give us our first online look of the hypercar towards the end of this year. Besides the numerous prototypes we have spied over the past year or so, Ferrari itself has shown various parts of the car and shared initial details, including the F70’s carbon fiber chassis at the recent 2012 Paris Motor Show and its V12-based hybrid powertrain. Maranello has said that the new chassis incorporates four different types of carbon fiber and despite the fact that torsional rigidity has been increased by 27 per cent and beam stiffness by 22 percent over the Enzo, it’s 20 percent lighter. Placed behind the driver will be a mid-mounted V12 gasoline engine sourced from the F12berlinetta, in which it produces 731hp (545kW / 741PS), enhanced, however, with a Formula 1-style KERS hybrid system that includes a compact electric motor and a battery pack positioned in the car’s underbody. Given that the V12 will be further honed and that the electric motor will add at least another 100Hp, the F70 is looking at an output close to, or perhaps even over, 900-horses. A seven-speed dual clutch transmission will deliver all that power to the rear wheels. Like all top Ferrari sports cars, the F70 will be manufactured in a very limited number of units with a price tag sure to scare the faint-hearted.
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