Lamborghini Rumored to Debut Aventador Roadster this Fall and Aventador 4-Seater GT Study in Geneva

The latest news for Lamborghini comes to us from Britain’s Car Magazine, which is reporting that the Italian supercar maker is preparing to unveil two new models, one of which is a concept, over the next six months. The first model isn’t much of a surprise as it concerns the roadster version of the Aventador, through, we are told that it could break cover as early as this autumn before it goes on sale in spring or summer of 2013, depending on the market. The report goes on to say that, the V12-powered Aventador Roadster will likely be fitted with a retractable hard-top, much like the ones used on the McLaren MP4-12C Spider and Ferrari 459 Italia Spider. While we were expecting some news sooner or later on the Aventador Roadster, the second new model mentioned by Car, will lift an eyebrow or two. The report says that Lamborghini is preparing to introduce a new Aventador GT Concept car at the next Geneva Salon in March of 2013. There’s not a lot of information on the study yet, but the GT is said to be a four-seater version of the regular Aventador, likely featuring an extended wheelbase to make space for two small seats at the back along with short rear suicide panels – possibly like the ones on the discontinued Mazda RX-8. This wouldn’t be Lamborghini’s first 2+2-seater sportscar with a mid-engine layout as the Italian company had produced the Urraco (see pictures below) from 1973 to 1979.