McLaren Unleashes 72 Photos and Full Specs of New MP4-12C Spider

Following the posh reveal of the MP4-12C Spider at the Pebble Beach weekend in California at the end of August, McLaren has now come out with a fresh gallery of images and detailed specifications of the open top model. The big difference over the tweaked 2013 model year fixed-roof coupé version of the MP4-12C series is, of course, the Spider’s Retractable Hard Top (RHT) with a fully automatic two-piece design that can be raised or lowered in under 17 seconds at speeds of up to 30 km/h (19 mph). Once lowered, the top is stowed neatly away under a body colored hard tonneau cover that incorporates twin buttresses, which can be used as additional luggage space when the roof is raised. The 12C Spider features a standard, heated glass rear window, which can be operated independently of the roof and provides a more direct access to the sounds of the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine mounted directly behind the cabin. In order to save weight, McLaren avoided the fitment of “Active” pop up roll bars and instead used a steel structure positioned within each of the rear buttresses to absorb any impact and protect occupants in the event of a roll over. Wrapping up the changes over the coupe, the Spider is offered with two specially designed bags that fit in the 52-liter storage space behind the seats, while the audio and climate systems adapt when the roof is lowered down. The Spider is powered by the same 616hp (625PS) 3.8-litre V8 twin turbocharged engine connected to a 7-Speed SSG dual-clutch transmission driving the rear wheels as the updated 2013MY coupe. The open top model weighs only 88 pounds (40 kg) more than its fixed-roof sibling and is capable of completing the standard zero to 100km/h (62mph) sprint in 3.1 seconds (same as the coupe, though it’s 0.2 seconds slower in the 0-160km/h – 100mph sprint) en route to a top speed of 209mph (329km/h). In the UK, prices start at £195,500 or £19,500 more than the coupe, with first deliveries expected in November, while in the States, the Spider has an MSRP of $265,750.

McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-1McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-2McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-3McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-4McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-5McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-6McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-7McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-8McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-9McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-10McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-11McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-12McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-13McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-14McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-15McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-16McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-17McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-18McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-19McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-20McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-21McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-22McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-23McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-24McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-25McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-26McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-27McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-28McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-29McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-30McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-31McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-32McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-33McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-34McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-35McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-36McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-37McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-38McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-39McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-40McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-41McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-42McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-43McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-44McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-45McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-46 McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-47McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-48McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-49McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-50McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-51McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-52McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-53McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-54McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-55McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-56McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-57McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-58McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-59McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-60McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-61McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-62McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-63McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-64McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-65McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-66McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-67McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-68McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-69McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-70McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-71McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-72