New Porsche 991 Carrera S Posts a 7.37:9 Nürburgring Lap, Beats 997 Turbo

It’s like a rite of passage: at some point in its life, preferably at an early stage, a sports car has to prove its credentials at the 20.6 km (12.8-mile) arena that is the “old” Nürburgring. Even more so, when it’s a Porsche, for which it’s a matter of honor. Enter the all-new 911, aka the 991, in 394bhp (400PS) Carrera S guise with a PDK dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox and stock tires. Timo Kluck, who was behind the steering wheel, piloted the new 911 around the ‘Ring in a blistering 7.37:9 on August 28, though Porsche officially released the video just a few days ago. Granted, it’s not be the fastest time for a production car set in the Nordschleife, not even by a long stretch: the Dodge Viper ACR set a 7.12:13 time and the Lexus LFA stopped the clock at 7.14:89; and that’s without mentioning Nissan’s GT-R for the umpteenth time. Still, the time set was quicker than Porsche’s own and much more powerful, all-wheel drive 997 Turbo. We guess, therefore, that the upcoming GT3 and Turbo variants of the 991 will be considerably faster around the Green Hell and challenge the current lap time status quo. You can watch Kluck pilot the 991 Carrera S round the daunting track right after the jump.By Andrew Tsaousis