Nissan GT-R Bikini Run Video is Not What You Think it Is…

If you’re looking for some juggling action from synthetically augmented products placed in the tiniest of holders, don’t expect to find it here, well, at least not in our primary video because we did add a second clip, but only for reference purposes so you can better understand the storyline. And unlike those real professional ladies enjoying a ride in superfast sports car as any other…normal woman would do, the unnamed blonde on the black leather seat of the GT-R has a mind and a mouth of her own. Some of our favorite quotes include, “This GT-R has nothing on those twin-turbo Gallardo” and “No girl, he does his car like he does his woman, quarter mile a time, 10 seconds the most”. A lot of laughs and plenty of bikini slips await for your viewing pleasure in the video that follows below. We tip our hats to Joseph!

Honda Fit EV Slated To Make A Return In 2020

The new Honda Fit EV will reportedly be able to travel around 300 km (186 miles) on a single charge.

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Trump Invokes National Security To Investigate Auto Imports, Could Lead To 25% Tariffs

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Mercedes Gone In 20 Seconds As Thieves Use Keyless Signal Cloning Tech

A transmitter and amplifier were used to detect the Mercedes’ keyless signal from outside the house.

New Citroen C5 Aircross Arrives In Europe As The Comfiest Compact SUV

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