Scoop: Lexus Caught Testing Third Special LF-A Called the AD-X with a Very Porsche Like Livery

We have to admit, Lexus has us somewhat baffled lately with its special LF-A prototypes roaming the famed Nürburgring test track. As you may very well remember, over the past few months, our spies have nabbed two unique test cars, including a teal-colored model with black stripes and the “AD-A” inscription on the front fenders, followed by a green LFA, again with black stripes but with an “AD-B” label right behind the front wheel arches. Now, we have a third (!) prototype, this one painted in a white color scheme with red accents on the body and wheels that brings to mind the Porsche 911 Carrera RS. It’s named the LFA AD-X. While similar to the other two prototypes that combine bits and pieces from the production Nürburgring Edition with special aero enhancements, the AD-X does sport some subtle changes such as the different rims that are painted red. When asked by Lexus Enthusiast about the “AD” test cars back in July, Etienne Plas, senior manager of product communications for Lexus Europe, claimed that the automaker does not intend to produce these models. “These LFA units spotted at Nürburgring are one-off vehicles developed by the TMC technical division, and are currently being tested for technical purposes only,” said Plas. “We have no plans to produce and sell any new special edition of the LFA.” Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoop