Volkswagen Jetta Pickup Truck Builder Looking for Interested Buyers

Massachusetts-based kit car company Smyth Performance is pondering a new project for a pickup truck conversion of the fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta sedan. The company’s founder, Mark Smith, who also happens to be the co-founder of Factory Five Racing, said in a posting earlier this week that he is accepting “orders” from interested clients without a deposit, for one of the 50 kits he plans to manufacture for the Jetta pickup truck. Other than that, the kit will be offered as a “DIY” product, not much else has been revealed about the project, though from the single teaser picture released, we see that it entails the removal of the rear doors as well as the section of the roof behind the front passengers.

  • Poop

    It’s a photoshop. But it would be awesome if it was real and was a TDI.