Watch How a Lincoln MKT Town Car is Turned Into a 10 Passenger Limousine

Over the years, we have shown you more stretch limos than we care to list (nevertheless, if you feel the need to, you can check them all out here), with some catching your attention more than others. But what does it take to transform a regular passenger car into a gargantuan limousine long enough to entertain close to a dozen people? That is a question that Popular Mechanics tried to answer in the latest episode of its online series, “How’d They Do That”. Among the big providers in the business is Lincoln, which up until recently, had secured a large chunk of the market with its popular panther platform-based Town Car. The demise of the classic Town Car, however, had the Blue Oval thinking about its replacement with the ball finally resting on the Lincoln MKT luxury crossover. To cater to the needs of the limousine industry, Lincoln released a special version of the model, aptly named “MKT Town Car Limousine“, which features heavy-duty components, including suspension, brakes electric power-assisted steering system (EPAS) and transmission. In the video that follows, Popular Mechanics visits LCW Automotive Corp.’s facility to see what it takes to transform the MKT Town Car into a 10-passenger limo. VIDEO