New Lexus LS TMG Sports 650 Concept Featuring a 641HP Twin-Turbo’d V8

So you think that the Lexus LS is a traditional luxury sedan for customers ripe in age with deep pockets who don’t care about race tracks and performance numbers?

Well, that may hold true for the regular LS, which was recently redesign adopting a more modern appearance, but that’s definitely not the case with the concept pictured here and which was prepared by Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG).

Based on the pre-facelift Lexus LS, the TMG Sport or TS-650 Concept is a track ready, high-performance saloon fitted with a 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine capable of reaching 9,000 rpm while delivering 641hp (650PS) and a peak torque of 710Nm (524 lb-ft).

An eight-speed transmission drives the car’s wheels (we still don’t know if the concept is all- or rear-wheel drive).

According to the Japanese carmaker’s motorsport division, “its aerodynamics were developed in TMG’s wind tunnels and significant development has been dedicated to handling.”

On the outside, the TS-650 Concept, which we should note, swaps all Lexus badges with the “TMG” logo, certainly looks the part with its blistered wheel arches, new front bumper with enlarged air vents, LED daytime running strips and lip spoiler, extended side skirts, deck-lid spoiler and new rear bumper with a diffuser and quad tailpipes.

Other details worth mentioning is the new deeply vented hood, the fender air outlets and the BBS alloy wheels shod in Michelin high-performance tires.

Neither TMG nor Lexus won’t reveal what they plan to do with the TS-650 Concept until the car is officially revealed at next week’s 2012 Essen Motor Show in Germany. In the meantime, scroll down to look at the image gallery and a video of an earlier prototype of the TS-650 that we scooped in Germany.

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