Seat Designer Envisions the Axon Electric Speedster Concept

For all the talk made by Volkswagen Group officials over the years about turning Seat into a sporty car brand, the only thing remotely ‘sport’ in the Spanish automaker’s range are the Cupra-branded editions of its mainstream models like the Ibiza and the Leon. Sure, there have been many interesting concepts made under VW’s reign, including the 1999 Formula roadster, the 2001 Targa roadster and the 2003 Cupra GT Coupe concept, but none of them ever materialized into production cars. Nevertheless, the spark to produce something more with a bit more zest than the Toledo or the Exeo sedans is still evident at Seat’s Design Center. Alvaro Molero Simarro, a transportation and industrial designer at the Exterior Design Department of the Seat Design Center, came up with this concept named the Axon for a two-seater speedster model, theoretically powered by electricity, which you can view in detail in the photos after the jump. Story References: Alvaro Molero Simarro

Seat-Axon-1Seat-Axon-2Seat-Axon-3Seat-Axon-4Seat-Axon-5Seat-Axon-6Image converted using ifftoanySeat-Axon-8Seat-Axon-9Seat-Axon-10Seat-Axon-11Seat-Axon-12Seat-Axon-13Seat-Axon-14Seat-Axon-15Seat-Axon-16Image converted using ifftoanySeat-Axon-18