This BMW 3-Series E30 Runs on a Ford-Sourced 302 V8

BMW’s first ever 3-Series sedan model, the E30, remains a fairly popular choice among enthusiasts of the brand with the blue and white roundel, but finding a pristine example is becoming more and more difficult as the years roll by. It’s not unusual for owners of E30s that have been around the block one time too many to swap the model’s factory inline-four and six-cylinder engines with different powerplants, often from other brands. The person selling this 1987 BMW 325e sedan from Columbus, Georgia, ditched the car’s original 2.7-liter straight-six (not to be confused with the 325i that had a 2.5-liter unit) and squeezed a 302 cubic inch (5.0-liter) V8 sourced from a 1997 Mercury Mounaineer with approximately 110k miles (177,000 kilometers) under its hood. Along with a few more modifications, the owner says that the V8 should give around 260-280 rear-wheel horsepower and more than 300lb-ft (406Nm) of peak torque. The Ford-powered bimmer also gets a Tremec 1350 5-Speed manual gearbox, a limited slip differential and many other upgrades. The ‘Buy it Now’ price on ebay is $4,500 (€3,530 at today’s rates). If you scroll down, you will find a string of pictures and an excerpt of the seller’s description of the car.

[From eBay Seller’s Description] “This is a rare chance to buy an engine-swapped car for less than the cost of the conversion, without all the hard work! I’ve spent the past year and a half working on this car, I’ve got it running and finished, and I’ve lost interest in it. So my loss is your gain as they say.” “So, how does it run? Well, it is extremely fast, light, nimble, loud, and raw, as it should be. It scares little old women, and turns heads everywhere as people give me confused looks. It’s a fun toy! I’ve had it out on the road a little bit, but it hasn’t seen too much use as I just don’t have time for it. I’ve been working on the car for a year and a half, and for the last several months sorting all the issues, and quite frankly I’m burnt out on it and car projects in general. I have lost interest in it and don’t have a lot of time to play with it anymore.” “If you wanted to make a track/drift car, it’s a perfect starting point. If you want a daily driver it just needs some TLC and finishing touches. Car comes with a second set of wheels/tires which are from a Miata. They fit but need spacers and aren’t hubcentric.”