Volvo Sends 508hp S60 Polestar Performance Concept to Russia

For a car that has already been sold to an unidentified American buyer for the paltry sum of $300,000 or the equivalent of a BMW M5 ($89,000) sedan, a Porsche 991 Carrera Convertible ($93,700) and a Corvette ZR1 ($112,600), the one-off Volvo S60 Polestar Performance Concept is sure racking up a lot of miles. On the other hand, the buyer had been informed by Volvo officials that he would receive the car only after Polestar finishes promoting it to the media and the public. The next stop for the 508-horsepower, turbocharged inline-six Swedish sports sedan is Russia, where Volvo used it as an attention grabber to promote the local launch of its official tuning program under the moniker “Volvo Polestar Performance Power Optimization”. A video from the event follows beneath the jump.