Watch a DIY Nissan Juke R from Russia Hit the 1/4 Mile in 10.48"

The original Nissan Juke R with a twin-turbocharged V6 heart transplant from last year’s GT-R that beats to the tune of 545-horses is no doubt one of the craziest and fastest crossovers ever to be offered for sale by any car manufacturer. It’s also one of the most expensive as it carries a price tag of €500,000 or close to US$650,000 at today’s exchange rates. But it isn’t alone when it comes to insanely powerful Jukes as one Russian owner has created his own vision of the Juke R fitted with an unspecified engine pushing out 750-horses. The “DIY” Juke R participated in a recent drag race event in Moscow where it came out first recording a 1-mile sprint time of 27.158 seconds at an exit speed of 287.31km/h (178.5mph). See how it did it in the video that follows after the results with the top 5 cars/drivers.

Results: 1) #69, Vladimir U. — Nissan Juke R SVE Stage 2 (2012, 750 HP) — 27.158 sec. (287.31 km/h)

2) #61, Tigran A. — Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 Twin Turbo (2008, 1300 HP) — 27.202 sec. (274.39 km/h)

3) #21, Kirill S. — Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 Supercharged (2008, 718 HP) — 29.426 sec (274.80 km/h)

4) #19, Oleg B. — BMW X6M PP-Performance Stage 4 (2011, 760 HP) — 29.478 sec. (242.23 km/h)

5) #38, Ramon B. — BMW X6M PP-Performance Stage 3 (2011, 680 HP) — 29.606 sec. (271.28 km/h)