2014 Corvette C7 Drawings Appear to be the Real Deal

If you were one of those people who believed that GM won’t be able to keep the new generation of the Corvette a complete secret until its scheduled official unveiling on January 13, 2013, you’re right. Adding to the official and leaked documents and drawings over the past few months is a new set of sketches from a member of the Corvette forums named “BlueOX”, who had this to say: “I don’t work for GM or anyone associated with GM. I have, for months, been sent information by a variety of people ahead of what has been published. Why, I’m not sure. Until now, I have kept it all to myself. What you will ultimately see here is all I have and I cannot vouch for it’s authenticity.” While BlueOX cannot / won’t say if they’re real or not, from what we’ve seen from previous scoops and GM’s own teaser videos, the sketches look legit to us. The drawings, which may or may not be sourced from a General Motors’ service manual, show the seventh generation Corvette’s profile, rear end design with the very Camaro-like tail lamps and perhaps more importantly, a detailed outline of the interior, including the driver-centric dashboard. Story References: Corvette Forum via Jalopnik
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