A Study for a New Lincoln Luxury Sports Coupe

For as long as we can remember, Lincoln has been trying to reinvent itself, admittedly, without much success. The company’s latest efforts include appointing Max Wolff of former Cadillac fame as its head designer, the opening of a dedicated 40,000 square foot styling studio and let’s not forget, the roll out of the new MKZ mid-size sedan. We’ve only heard bits and pieces about Lincoln’s future product plans, but since independent designers have no restrictions whatsoever about the cars they dream up, Michael Chestnut from Los Angeles, California, is proposing a luxury sports coupe for the troubled brand. The industrial designer’s concept study features a slightly different interpretation of the new MKZ’s upside-down moustache grille with the rear of the car brining to mind creations from Bentley. Chestnut did not provide any specific details about the concept. Designer : Michael Chestnut

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