BoaterHome is a Boat, a Home and a Car All in One

You can call us crazy, or whatever else comes to mind, but strangely enough, we found this oddball creation of which we know nothing about, extremely cool to watch as it came in part docking a boat into the water. So, what exactly is it, we hear some of you ask? Well, it looks like it’s a three-in-one contraption that combines a boat featuring a living space inside with an automobile in the form of a truck with an extended trailer. We searched around the internet and the closest thing we found was the “BOATORHOME 2000” from a Canadian company called “Highway Boatorhomes 2000 Inc.” On its product brochure, the company states that the Boatorhome is “A Motorhome and Cruiser in One Luxurious Package” and “On land it’s a comfortable, smooth-riding motorhome. On the water it’s an exciting, action-packed cruiser.” Whether or not the vehicle-boat-combo seen in the video below was made by Highway Boatorhomes, is something we have not yet confirmed.