Guess What this BMW X6 is Hauling Up in the Snow

‘Snowcat’ is a generic term used for enclosed-cabin, fully tracked machinery that are made exclusively for use in snow (hence the name). They are employed not only on ski resorts, to prepare the trails, but also by military forces and other organizations. As 4x4s have evolved in the past two decades from rugged, no-frill tools to civilized and luxurious vehicles that retain some degree of off-road capability, seeing one stuck in mud or snow is not uncommon these days – especially if the driver hasn’t fitted winter tires. The BMW X6 has been touted as one of the sportier premium SUVs, leaving its X5 sibling to do the family and load hauling instead. Indeed, on the tarmac it comes very close to earning the “sporty” badge. So when you see one in St. Moritz, Switzerland in deep snow and getting towing straps attached to its rear hook, with the other end going to a snowcat, it’s only natural to assume that it’s the one being towed. As you can see in the video that follows below, that’s not the case; instead, it is BMW’s way to showcase its xDrive all-wheel drive system in difficult situations.By Andrew Tsaousis