Lamborghini Test Drive in China Goes Awfully Wrong; Ferrari Owner Crashes Car After Buying it

If you should be careful the first time you drive a mainstream vehicle, then you really need to watch out when you sit behind the wheel of a supercar from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. The first accident we found on the crash-loving website Wreckedexotics reportedly involves a Chinese customer of Lamborghini who took a Gallardo roadster for a test drive out in the rain and somehow ended up killing a tree and parking it on its side… While the previous driver will no doubt have some explaining to do to the dealer, the person driving the Ferrari 458 Italia in Mallorca, Spain, was the actual owner of the car he allegedly received two hours before he destroyed it on a rock formation. According to the report, both the driver and his passenger escaped without any serious injuries. Story References: Wreckedexotics