Mcchip Turns Porsche 993 GT2 Into a Formidable Track Racer with 596-Horses

While some tend to believe that certain cars are like a fine bottle of wine that improves with age, truth is that, once you begin counting a vehicle’s age in decades, the more attention it needs to keep it up and running. When time came to spruce up his car, this owner of the classic 993-generation Porsche 911 GT2 from the mid-1990s, decided to not only restore but also turn the German sports coupe into a street-legal track racer. The tuner shop of choice was Germany’s Mcchip, which stripped the GT2 down to the bone and rebuilt it piece by piece, while performing a host of upgrades beginning with the 3.6-liter bi-turbocharged flat-six that now features a new engine block, rebuilt K26 turbochargers, an ECU tune, and a custom exhaust system with sport catalysts, among other improvements. As a result of these changes, output was increased from 450hp (456PS) to 596hp (604PS), and peak torque from 586Nm (432 lb-ft) to 847Nm (625 lb-ft). Mcchip also installed a limited-slip differential from DREXLER, new 18 inches lightweight alloy wheels, a KW racing suspension Competition Variant 3, and an assortment of aero pieces before it took on the interior. Inside, the 911 GT2 gains a safety roll cage, racing bucket seats from Recaro, a detachable racing steering wheel, a STACK display equipped with data recording and video system, a race-spec shifter, while carbon fiber panels were used throughout According to Mcchip, the build took more than 800 hours of work to complete with the cost reaching €200,000 or about US$265,000 at today’s exchange rates.