McLaren MP4-12C Spider Makes its Italian Premiere at the 37th Bologna Motor Show

McLaren has made no secret that it wants each of its models to outgun Ferrari. The MP4-12C coupe, capable as it is, was deemed too clinical and lost out to the 458, forcing McLaren to make some changes that will be retrofitted to cars already sold. The open-top version, while based on the updated model, is more “emotional” than the coupe. That’s because of the changes McLaren has made and, of course, the twin-turbo, 616HP V8 being much more audible with the Spider’s roof down. We won’t know for sure if it can beat its open-top Ferrari rival until someone puts the two of them together for a twin test. Still, Italians who might fancy a look at the MP4-12C Spider will be able to do so during the 37th Bologna Motor Show that will take place from December 5-9. Despite spreading its dealership network around the globe, McLaren Milan, which has been operational for more than a year, remains the company’s sole retailer in Italy. Thus, it will not only take care of the Spider’s launch but will also have a car for display at Corse Sempione 34/2, its address in Milan. “We are delighted to introduce such a prestigious sports car as the 12C Spider to the Italian market”, said the managing director of McLaren Milan Ado Fassina. “It is a real satisfaction to see the McLaren range growing year after year and we are confident that the introduction of new exciting models such as this can reply to the needs of fans in this exclusive sector.” By Andrew Tsaousis
McLaren MP4-12C Spider