New BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept Photos Leak on the Web; Think it’s a Looker?

Official imagery of the all-new and for the most part, production ready BMW Concept 4-Series was leaked onto the internet today, several weeks ahead of the car’s world premiere at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show. The concept study confirms the different nomenclature BMW has chosen for the coupe, convertible and the Gran Coupe sports sedan variants of the F30 generation 3-Series. So how close is the study to the production model that will follow next year? Well, BMW has a tradition of lightly masking upcoming models and naming them concepts. All you have to do is look at the 2010 Concept 6-Series to see that the Concept 4-Series is 99 percent ready. The only components we see changing are the tail lamp graphics, the rear bumper design and the full leather treatment with accent stitching for the interior that shares the same dashboard with the 3-Series Sedan and Touring models. The sleek looking coupe with the aggressive and upright fascia will also share its underpinnings with the 3-Series, so expect a similar mix of turbocharged four-and six-cylinder gasoline and four-cylinder diesel engines (the latter in select regions), linked to 6sp manual and 8sp automatic transmissions, with AWD to be offered as an option. More to come once BMW officially comes out with the press release. Story References: BMW via Worldcarfans via Autowp Thanks to Jay and Mr for their tips!