Oh, the Irony…Russian Driver Listening to The Cure's Song "Close to Me" Sandwiched by Trucks

It’s funny how things connect sometimes. A driver, who on YouTube is listed as being from Russia, was driving down a highway on a rainy day while listening to the sounds of a 1985 song from British brand “The Cure” named “Close to me”. Roughly 15 seconds into the video, a large lorry was forced to abruptly change lanes because of another truck that had stopped on the road, smashing into the passenger vehicle and pushing it into the opposite lane at the same time that a second lorry was passing by. The car with the dashboard camera was literally sandwiched between the two trucks, but fortunately, without causing any injuries to the driver who can be seen exiting the vehicle. See it happen in the video below. Thanks to Bahit K. for the video tip!