At Last! Awesome Flying DeLorean is here to Take Us Back to the Future! [w/Videos]

When Marty McFly and “Doc” Brown took us for a second cinematic trip back and forth into time with their late 1980s flick “Back to the Future Part II”, many of us who were youngsters then, dreamed that by 2015, cars would indeed fly. We may have grown up, but the kid that lives deep down inside us would still like to believe. Evidently, we’re not alone, which brings us to Matthew Riese from San Francisco, who wanted to build the next best thing, a DeLorean-themed hovercraft. The 26-year-old began working on the idea in 2008, but after two years, he ran out of money and decided to fund the project on Kickstarter, a popular site that invites the masses to invest in creative ideas, with the goal to raise $5,500, which he succeeding in doing. Here’s what Riese wrote on Kickstarter back in 2010: “I started building two years ago and finished what I am calling a “rough draft” version just 4 months later. As you can see from my video, it looked like a Delorean and it did hover, but it was actually quite rickety and unsafe. So for the past 20 months I’ve been re-building it from the ground up. It is coming along nicely and should be sturdy, safe, and professional looking when finished. But now I’m totally out of money with about 3 months of work left to do, and I’m hoping you would be generous enough to help me finish it! My goal is to raise $5,500 for construction materials and labor costs.” A flux capacitor and 88mph later, Riese came back from the future with a new video of his airborne DeLorean having some wicked fun on the beach, which you can check out along with some older clips filmed during testing for yourself right after you hover over the virtual break. Photo Credits: Matthew Riese