Ford Atlas Named Autoweek's Most Significant Detroit Auto Show Debut, What Do You Say?

The new Ford Atlas Concept, which previews the future of America’s best-selling pickup truck for the past 36 years and the best-selling vehicle overall for 31 straight years, the F-150, has been named by the editors of Autoweek magazine, the “Most Significant vehicle of the 2013 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)”. Bob Gritzinger, Autoweek executive editor, explains why: “The Atlas Concept is clearly Most Significant winner for the things you don’t see, like hidden aerodynamic improvements and weight savings from high-strength steel and interior parts, like thinner seats. Those things add up to significant fuel savings for pickup trucks down the road. A next-generation EcoBoost with Auto Start-Stop technology also signals why Atlas is a real game changer.” So, to get it straight, the Atlas deserves an award because it introduces many things that are readily available in other mainstream categories for years now to the pickup truck segment, not to mention that some of those features such as active aerodynamics, are already employed on current trucks, like the latest Ram 1500. Isn’t that like saying the Corvette Stingray should be awarded for its interior because the C6’s cabin was borderline terrible, not to mention more mundane than a Chinese toaster? Well, yes, but then again, a) the Corvette that also improved upon its predecessor is a niche model and b.) after looking at all the new car and concept introductions at the Detroit Auto Show, we couldn’t really choose a winner. So in some ways, Autoweek just may have a point since the F-150 is already the most popular model in the U.S.A., and whatever enhancements are made, will have an impact both on the market and on its rivals. Something like trying to pick a winner from a barrel of mediocre apples… If you think otherwise, head over to the comments to share your thoughts.