New Details on Ferrari F150 Hit the Web after Private Preview, Said to have 950HP

Ferrari has an old habit of showing off its future models to potential buyers (read extremely wealthy) behind locked doors well before it reveals the cars to the rest of the world. One such private preview is rumored to have taken place on Wednesday, in Maranello, where Ferrari lifted the wraps off the F150 Project, which is the codename for the Enzo replacement that may or may not be called the F70 in production trim. To prove that this event did indeed occur today in Ferrari’s home town, one participant took a shot of a metal plate from the event, while at least two people have shared some very interesting details about the new mid-engine hypercar, though, keep in mind, there’s no way of confirming the numbers (yet). We will begin with FerrariChat forum member SergioAutoform who said one of his clients invited to the event, shared this post on his Facebook page:

“Just saw the F150 ( the new Enzo) official name not released yet. Overall view: only 499 will be produced. only available in 3 colour. 800hp at 9200RPM with additional KERS of 150HP. Zero to 100 in 3 second to 200 in 7 seconds. Max speed around 370KMH. Fiorano Best lap with Alonso driving 1:20. Numbering expected in less than 7minutes.” “Fixed seat. Adjustable paddles. Rear Wing and mobile Diffuser. Break from 200 to zero. In 115 Meters. Weight around 1280 include the electrical engine of 150kg. Chassis totally made of Carbon Fiber. T800 and T1000 sheet. Kavler protected underneath. The car is breathtaking. If I was a Saint and she was a ***** it would make me certainly a Sinner.”

These numbers match another posting, this time at the Teamspeed forums:

950 BHP plays 1,270 KG
Bespoke V12 built to sound like a Formula One engine at full chat
Engine Red-Lines @ 9,200 RPM but Max Torque available from 1,000RPM
499 Cars @ EUR1.2 million
Official Launch in Geneva
Deliveries Commence December 2013

If any of you happen to know more, send us an email and we’ll update this post. Story References: Ferrari Chat & TeamSpeed , Auto-Blog Thanks to Bruno M. for the heads up!