Yippee Ki-Yay, Munich Rivals: Mercedes Stars in New Die Hard Film, BMWs Get Blown Up

Has it really been 25 years since officer John McClane saved the day, or rather Christmas Eve and the hostages, including his wife at the Nakatomi Plaza? Oh yes, but that didn’t stop Bruce Willis from reprising the role thrice in the intervening years – or rather four times, since he’s also starring in the fifth Die Hard installment that’s coming out on Valentine’s Day. In “A Good Day to Die Hard”, McClane travels to Moscow, meets his estranged son Jack and, as usual, accidentally gets involved in a terrorist scheme that he has to avert. Mercedes-Benz has supplied the cars for the film that features almost all of the three-pointed star’s range, from the C-Class up to the venerable G-Wagen and Unimog and even the Zetros truck. As you can see in the video that follows, other Mercedes models also make it to the film, like the SLS AMG roadster, the E-Class and even the Maybach (remember, this is Moscow…). Yes, it’s another case of product placement but a) this is a “making of” video concerning cars, b) the trailer shows that it can live up to the blockbuster theme of carnage and mayhem that is so over-the-top it’s actually fun to watch and c) we want to see Willis in his usual sardonic McClane mode. Moreover, we bet the Mercedes guys were having a blast when the stunt crew blew up that convoy of BMW 7-Series’… You’ll have to wait three weeks for the film but you can watch the video right after the jump.By Andrew Tsaousis