BMW Execs Rationalize New 3-Series Gran Turismo in Promo Video

Leave it to company officials (with scripted dialogues, of course) to convince you that what you’re seeing is the perhaps most beautiful and practical piece of machinery ever invented in the history of mankind. BMW’s promo videos are no exception to this rule, as you will soon find out for yourself in the clip that was created for the newly introduced BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo. Among the speakers featured in the short film is Andreas-Christoph Hofman, Vice President Brand Communication BMW, who states that the 3 GT is “a total game changer in the middle class segment” and “has an amazing exterior design”. Set to go on sale worldwide later this year, the 3 GT is taller and longer than the regular 3-Series sedan and Touring models, with which it shares its engine lineup of turbocharged diesel and gasoline units.