Drug Dealers Outwit French Cops During Televised Car Chase

What could be worse for a police officer than losing one or more suspects during a car chase? Losing the suspect while a cameraman is filming from the back seat of one of the police vehicles for a television show… Let us tell you, or better yet, show you what happened when a group of French cops was following a suspected drug dealer in a Peugeot 5008 minivan. The special police drug squad seen in the latest episode of French television series “Spécial Investigation”, which aired last week, cornered the suspect(s) in the Peugeot, or at least they thought they did, as the driver crashed his way around the undercover police cars and made a successful getaway! We’re not sure if they apprehended the suspect(s) later on, but if know your French and have the time to watch the entire show in the second video, tell us how this ended in the comments that follow.