Henrik Fisker Says he Dined and Wined at Least 500 Karma Buyers

Even if you’ve bought the obscenely expensive Lexus LFA, chances are that you haven’t had dinner with Mr. Akio Toyoda. The same applies to any car owner and the CEO of the company that manufactured his or her vehicle. Unless you are a Fisker Karma buyer, that is. Henrik Fisker told AutoblogGreen that, instead of a traditional campaign, the company is thinking of “more innovative ways of doing marketing”; and that includes meals with buyers and potential customers. “What else can we do? Well, if you own a Mercedes, you can’t have dinner with Mr. Benz, because he isn’t around anymore. But you can have dinner with Henrik, maybe, at some special events we’re doing. Even with our current customers, because we see them as brand ambassadors”, said Fisker. So, how many customers has Fisker wined and dined so far? “I have had dinner or breakfast with at least 500 of them, all over the world. That’s a quarter (ed’s note: of all customers to date), that’s quite a lot”, he admits. Fisker says that it’s working because “it’s unique, it’s something they couldn’t do with any other car company.” Who knows, maybe one of them will prove to be a much-needed potential investor or strategic partner, too… By Andrew Tsaousis