Kia's K-DIC System and an Unfortunate but Humorous Translation

We can’t comment on how it sounds in Korean, but after Facebook’s Bing-based translator went through Kia’s posting on the new “K-dic” (we swear that we did not make the name up) follow-me home, smart lighting system, what came out on the other end will have you either rolling on the ground laughing or blushing from shame… Here’s what we read on Kia’s Facebook page: “[K-dic] love is not something to make sure it would. You come when I’m glad heart light. You can be sure my love.” “* Welcome with a smart key system (System Welcome) the driver in the car when the car is turned on by the lamp of the auto-close approach motorists are welcome to learn more about from the K-DIC system * (Translated by Bing)”