New 2014 Toyota Corolla Sedan Spotted on the Road in Asia [Update: Or is the Vios?]

The new generation of Toyota’s popular Corolla Sedan has been nabbed on camera for the second time this month. While the previous pictures appeared to have been shot in an enclosed area, possibly during a private presentation, the Corolla seen here was captured driving on the road, reportedly in Asia, by a one Yusri Asek. That said, the dark red-colored 2014 Corolla is likely an Asian market specification model, but don’t expect any significant styling changes over the car that will go on sale in other parts of the world, including North America and Europe. The exterior styling of the next Corolla was previewed to the public through the Corolla Furia Concept car that had its world premiere at last month’s Detroit Auto Show. A global presentation of the production model will take place later this year. Photo Credits: Yusri Asek/Top Gear Philippines via U-Car Thanks to Chien-Jay for the tip! Update 1: A previous version of this article said the car was photographed in The Philippines, but CarScoop reader Chien-Jay told us it was in Taiwan. Update 2: Many of you are claiming that this might be the new Vios, but we can’t really tell from this picture. Nevertheless, we’ll keep looking and update accordingly.