Nissan Confirms New High-Performance GT-R NISMO Edition for Next Year

If there’s one car in Nissan’s range that doesn’t really need, but should have a Nismo edition for a number of reasons, the most important of which has to do with improving the sub-brand’s image, it is the GT-R flagship, and today we learn that it will indeed happen. The announcement was made during the official opening of the new Nismo global headquarters and development center in Yokohama, Japan. Speaking at the press conference, Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn stated: “It would be unthinkable for us to develop a range of Nismo road cars without including the GT-R. The standard road car is a global supercar and the GT-R’s performance on track reflects the passion and talents of the Nismo team. The GT-R Nismo will be special and I can’t wait to drive it.” Nissan isn’t ready to release technical specifications and performance figures yet, but the Japanese carmaker confirmed that the GT-R NISMO will be based on the recently updated 2013 GT-R (2014MY in North America) and that it will available alongside the standard model in dealerships next year. “We know that enthusiasts around the world will be itching to know more about the forthcoming GT-R Nismo,” said Shoichi Miyatani, president of Nismo. “It’s too preliminary to share any details yet, but fans can be certain we’ll be applying all of our motorsport expertise to creating a GT-R Nismo worthy of the name.”
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