Rolls-Royce Shows us the New Wraith Coupe's Timbered Door and Dash Clock

The truth about the all-new Rolls-Royce Wraith performance coupe is slowly unraveling. After two darkened shots of the exterior, the world’s most famous luxury car brand released another pair of pictures, this time of the Wraith’s cabin, which it says, “hints at the interior of an ultra-luxury yacht” – not the best use of words for a performance car, even if we’re talking about its styling… In the first image, we see the Wraith’s door that’s covered in so-called ‘Phantom-grade’ leathers and an open pore wood surface named ‘Canadel Panelling’, while the second picture shows the exclusive to this model timepiece, set on a chrome surround on piano black surfacing. And we quote Rolls-Royce: “This contemporary finish presents an interior space that hints at the interior of an ultra-luxury yacht. The horseshoe sweep of Wraith’s cabin also echoes the cove at Le Canadel in the South of France where Sir Henry Royce and his design team spent their winters.” The British carmaker added: “Every possible interior detail has been carefully considered – and beautifully executed. The clock, for example, is presented with Blood Orange needle tips that point to the car’s dynamic potential, while paying homage to the marque’s aviation heritage.” The two-door model that is loosely based on the Ghost underpinnings will be unwrapped at the Geneva motor show in early March.