Spied: New Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S Roadster Caught with its Top Down!

These are the first real-life pictures of the Toyota GT 86 / 86 Convertible, which was nabbed by Carmag reader and FT86 forum member Allan Findlay behind closed gates in Cape Town, South Africa. Last month, Toyota told us that it plans to bring a thinly disguised concept version of the car named the ‘GT86 Open Top’ to next month’s Geneva Motor Show to “gauge the public reaction to the idea of an open-top GT86”, adding that “testing of a prototype version of the car is already underway”. Whether the white-colored model seen in these photos is the concept or a pre-production model, remains unknown, though, the differences between the two may be hard to tell… Toyota hasn’t released any additional information about the Open Top, but it looks like the convertible version of the rear-wheel drive sports car will likely feature a traditional rag top and a 2+2 seating configuration. Look for a Scion version of the same open-top concept with FR-S badges to make its debut later this year.  Photos via Carmag & FT86