Watch BMW Tests its Systems in R&D Dynamic Driving Simulator

Nowadays, the “ultimate driving machines” are loaded with technology. However, before rolling them out in its models, BMW tests them exhaustively to ensure they enhance safety. Before real cars embark on testing those systems clocking thousands of miles around the globe, the Munich-based automaker first reviews how they interface with the driver at its R&D center. Since the “ultimate driving simulator” is most likely trademarked by Polyphony Digital Inc. for its Gran Turismo video game, BMW chose to name its own tech the “Dynamic Driving Simulator”. Like an aircraft trainer, it displays a virtual environment with engineers in a control room monitoring all data and implementing different traffic situation scenarios without, as project manager Michael Heimrath pointed out, “hindering other people on the road”. You can view the video of BMW’s Dynamic Driving Simulator operation right after the jump.By Andrew Tsaousis