Audi TT Goes Flying Through the Air and Plants Itself in UK House! [w/Videos]

Car crashes in sleepy suburbs are always big news. All of the people in the neighborhood are shocked and very surprised that such an event could have taken place in their quiet little community. Imagine what the residents of Long Meadow Walk, in Lowestoft, UK, must have felt like when they saw a red Audi TT, which made itself one with the front wall of a house… The red sports car was wedged between the wall of the house and another Audi, a silver A4 Avant. It also seems to have flown over another silver car, a BMW 3-Series Coupe, which it had also quite badly damaged. As the A4 was pulled out, the TT fell to the ground, making the hole it had created for itself just that little bit bigger. According to the BBC, the driver, who was in his 20s, was reportedly rushed to hospital with serious head injuries – it was not mentioned what happened after. We hope the driver recovers from his ordeal, as he has a lot of explaining to do and damage bills to pay. No other people were directly involved, or injured in the crash.By Andrei Nedelea Videos via YouTube