Badass Porsche Panamera Race Car with a Striking V8 Soundtrack

If you call a car “badass“, it should mean something. The term is thrown around quite a lot, and it is attributed to unmeritorious automotive proposals. However, once you see and hear this racing version of the Porsche Panamera, which in 2014 will look like this, all will become clear and your standards for judging “badass-ery” will have risen considerably. Built to race in the 2013 Superstars International Series, this 4.8-liter V8 bruiser is actually not new to the competition. It made its debut in 2010, and at the hands of well-known touring car driver Fabrizion Giovanardi, it scored an impressive four wins. Now, they are back with more power and more importantly, a re-tuned chassis, which is the main improvement over the first incarnation of the car. Expect to see the Petri Corse Motorsport Porsche Panamera make its debut on April 7, for the first race of the 2013 season of Superstars International Series, which is set to take place around the Monza track, in Italy. Until then, we strongly suggest you play the video below, courtesy of Youtube’s NM2255, as the car is really spectacular to watch and hear.By Andrei Nedelea