Bertone Brings Two Unique Aston Martin Jet Models to Geneva

The Vanquish Centenary isn’t the only car created by/for Aston Martin for the celebration of their 100th birthday. Aside from the limited-run production model, Bertone also presented two one-off specials at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. First off, we have the Bertone Jet 2+2, which is basically an estate or shooting brake version of the Rapide. The car was built not only for Aston’s own celebration, but also to mark their 60 year-long collaboration with Bertone. It is, however, not just a show car, as it was commissioned by an unnamed collector, so it retains the regular car’s (pre-facelift) 470-hp V12 engine, and the rest of the car’s features, while offering a bigger and more practical boot. The other concept present at the Aston Martin stand is the Jet 2. If it looks familiar, that’s because it is, as it made its debut back in 2004. Still, they couldn’t just bring an old concept to a show in 2013, so the Vanquish-based Jet 2 does get a few updates to keep it looking fresh. It features a revised styling, in order to keep it in line with the current crop of modern Astons, as well as a new paint finish. In addition, while it only has two doors, the Jet 2 does offer sufficient space inside to seat four adults. This comes courtesy of a 210 mm wheelbase extension over the Vanquish upon which it is based. By Andrei Nedelea