Bring it On: Subaru WRX Concept Premieres at the New York Auto Show [w/Video]

Subaru is finally contemplating what every sensible gearhead has been telling both Subaru and Mitsubishi to do with their excellent Impreza WRX / STI and Lancer Evolution models, respectively, for decades now: keep their dynamic characteristics and dress them in a unique body that has nothing in common with their mainstream models.

While Mitsubishi is still thinking what to do with the EVO series in general, Subaru is showing us what it has in store for us with the next generation WRX, and its more powerful STi sibling, with the world premiere of the all-new WRX Concept car at the New York International Auto Show.

The study adopts a body style that most carmakers like to call a “four-door coupe”, adorned with all the aggressive details one would expect from a WRX model (with a hint of Lancer EVO, some might say) like the powerbulge on the hood, muscular wheel arches that make room for the 20-inch forged alloy wheels wrapped in 245/40ZR20 Dunlop rubber and a prominent rear diffuser. Only now, all these elements look natural and not planted like on the Impreza models.

The study measures 178.0 inches (4,521mm) long, 74.4 inches (1,889mm) wide and 54.7 inches (1,389mm) tall, which makes it slightly shorter, lower and wider than the Impreza Mk4 sedan. Its wheelbase is also significantly longer at 108.7 inches (2,761mm) compared to the Impreza’s at 104.1 inches (2,644mm).

Subaru said that the pronounced powerbulge “provides clearance for the new turbocharged engine and intercooler”, but other than that, it provided no other details about the WRX’s powertrain.

In addition and always according to the Japanese carmaker, “to further improve handling dynamics, the SUBARU WRX CONCEPT features a carbon-fiber roof to enhance the already low center of gravity and reduce weight.”

The when and how the WRX will transform from concept to a production model, is something that we will also have to wait and find out, as Subaru’s primary goal with the study is to gauge consumer reaction.


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