Consumer Reports Pans New Mercedes-Benz GL's Emergency Handling

The Mercedes-Benz GL is one of the top choices for US buyers looking for a seven-seater premium SUV, as it offers plenty of interior space, luxury appointments and towing capacity, and even a diesel engine option. However, as a recent test by Consumer Reports (CR) points out, it is by no means a perfect vehicle. Sure, it may have all the electronic stability and traction enhancing systems, but with a total mass of 2,455 kg (5412 lbs) they just can’t seem to cope in an emergency – or so CR claims. In the video, the GL can’t handle sudden direction changes and it understeers and runs wide. It fails to successfully complete the emergency avoidance maneuver at the usual speed, and the SUV can only be coaxed around the cones at a much lower speed than one would expect, according CR. “That clumsiness is disconcerting to say the least and quickly saps a driver’s confidence,” said CR’s test driver. “Even some big, lumbering heavy-duty pickups we’ve tested recently have done better in that test.” Consumer Reports says the issue occurs in part because of the hefty bulk and the intrusive stability program. “Mercedes-Benz would be well advised to recalibrate the GL’s stability control system or do whatever else it may take to rectify this otherwise wonderful SUV’s performance. Until then, we won’t recommend the GL,” said Consumer Reports. By Andrei Nedelea