Electrical Fire Risk Sparks 15,000-Strong Mazda6 Recall Worldwide

The all-new Mazda6 has been on the market for a few months now, and so far, it has received praise for its style, driving dynamics and efficiency. However, since it is an all-new car, problems were bound to pop up, and the 6 is not without its fair share. According to a press release from Mazda Australia, the problem is of an electrical nature, and it can lead to a fire, in the worst-case scenario. Apparently, it has to do with a faulty component within the DC/DC convertor, which is located under the front passenger seat. The unit is prone to overheating, and while it catching fire is highly unlikely, it is a possibility. A total of around 15,000 cars are being recalled worldwide, and of those 1,531 are in Australia. Owners will be notified in due time, and Mazda has committed itself replacing the DC/DC converter, while also providing alternative transportation while the car is in the shop. This recall will do little to dent the 6’s credibility, and it is a good thing that the defect was spotted early on, when there are only 15,000 cars to recall. It would have been much more of a pain to recall 150,000 cars or more later in the car’s life, or after one did actually catch fire. By Andrei Nedelea