Ford Focus ST Howls with 367-Horses, Courtesy of Wolf Racing

The Ford Focus ST, which is currently Europe’s bestselling hot hatch (partially thanks to the fact that VW has yet to launch the new GTI), is a car that can really be modified to your heart’s desire. While the standard power output is sufficient for most owners, that’s not to say the 2.0-liter EcoBoost hasn’t more to give. In fact, Wolf Racing from Germany has increased the Focus ST’s power figure all the way up to 367hp (370 PS), in the most extreme state of tune. They also offer an in-between version, with 282 hp (285 PS), which can be achieved with a new ECU and a custom air filter. If you want even more, a 297hp (300 PS) variant is also available, which boosts torque to Focus RS levels at 451 Nm (333 lb-ft). Still, it’s the most powerful version that we’re here to talk about, so how does one get 367-horses safely out of a two-liter? Well, a more aggressive ECU remap, coupled with a special (and noisier) exhaust and the new air filter are all that’s necessary – the clutch, which they don’t seem to mention, might disagree with all of this. Other upgrades include lower and stiffer springs, as well as a revised and more powerful braking system. Wolf Racing also offers a light body kit for the Focus, which gives the car a lower stance and moves the exhausts to the sides of the rear bumper – we say the centrally mounted standard setup is more aesthetically pleasing, but this will stand out more, so it really depends on what the owner of the car wants to achieve. The German tuner isn’t offering all of these mods as part of a “pack”, and as such, each is individually priced. For instance, the suspension kit costs €1,249, while the rims range from €199, to well over €500. By Andrei Nedelea