Ford Reveals Special Logo to Commemorate Mustang's 50th Anniversary

The Mustang is without question one of the most recognizable Ford nameplates, and the Blue Oval has just revealed a special logo, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ‘Stang. However, it is not necessarily destined for automotive use, as it will mostly be printed on commemorative merchandise, like branded clothes, watches and even pinball machines, according to a Detroit Free Press report. The logo itself is the result of an internal design competition, which was held by Ford’s Chief Creative Officer J Mays, and won by designer Michael Thompson. A total of 50 companies will sell the special products, which will be revealed in the coming months, before the official date when the Mustang actually turns 50, on April 17, 2014. Ford has also announced that it will begin the celebrations one year early, at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, where a party is to be held. My take is that while the branded products will sell and possibly make Ford a ton of money, it would have been better to keep the all-important Mustang name free from the clutter of branded good. In addition, while they are pulling out all the stops to attract attention, it would have been better to keep things simple and quiet, and try to launch the next-generation Mustang around the April 17 deadline – that would really please fans, I say. By Andrei Nedelea
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