Former Mayor Detained for DUI Wishes "Smoking" Hot Female Cop Had Arrested Him

In Russia, they have dash-cam videos from private vehicles; in the States, we have video recordings…from patrol cars like this footage on the drunk-driving arrest of former Sheboygan mayor Bob Ryan, released by the Kiel Police Department. Ryan, who was in office from April, 2009 to March, 2012, was stopped on March 3, 2013, after local police officer Joseph Jeanty saw him take a wide right turn onto the highway and then drive through the center line. The police report stated that the officer determined that Ryan’s 2013 Hyundai Sonata’s registration had expired and that he looked like he had been drinking, something that the 49-year old man admitted, but refused to take field sobriety tests, even after he was told that he would be arrested for not complying. The officer ended up arresting Ryan and taking him to the hospital for blood tests, before he drove him to the Manitowoc County Jail where he spent the obligatory 12 hours. According to the video and the police report, a copy of which was obtained by the Sheboygan Daily, while being transported to the jail, Ryan told the officer that he should have called in a favor from another mayor and –wait for it- he would have preferred a “hot” female cop to arrest him! “I should’ve called Mayor Werdeo,” said Ryan. “He was there at the bar earlier. Probably would’ve solved the problem. But you can’t call in favors all the time.” He then began commenting about the “hot” female officer. “Here I was hoping that other office was going to take me to jail man. She was pretty hot wasn’t she? She was smokin’!” The report added: “Robert also stated that he would commit a violation in Manitowoc just to be arrested by her.” Ryan, a confessed alcoholic, has had several run-ins with the law, the most recent being two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault for allegedly groping a woman in a bar back in 2011, for which he plead no contest to two misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges and was ordered to pay $200 in fines in April last year. Story References: Sheboyganpress & Sheboygandaily