McLaren Reportedly Working on Sub-12C Offering for 2014

Following the launch of the record-breaking F1, the McLaren name actually began to mean something for road car enthusiasts, and now with the onset of their third current model, the meaningfulness level of the name is only set to go up. With three models already in its range, and no real way of going up, they have reportedly announced that they’re working on a sub-12C model, which would go up against high-spec Porshce 911s. According to MotorTrend, the P13, which is what it’s called within the company now, has a sales target of 2,000 to 2,500 units per year, costing under $200,000 (€154,000) – enough not to encroach on the 12C’s territory. It will be their more mainstream model, and it’s Frank Stephenson’s chance to show us what he can do when aspects like practicality and usability are thrown into the mix of having to build a great sports car. The twin-turbo V8 engine that currently powers the 12C will most likely be de-tuned to make less than 500 hp, but since the car would be slightly lighter and probably more compact, it really won’t matter. Design wise, it is reportedly going to have the same styling philosophy as the P1, so expect a lot of weird curvy shapes and active aerodynamic elements – this is definitely one of the highlights of 2014, when it is expected to be launched. By Andrei Nedelea