NASCAR Star Jeff Gordon Plays a Speedy Prank on Unsuspecting Camaro Salesman

We’re sure every car salesman has some hard-to-believe test-drive stories to tell. Probably their worst nightmare is to have a crazy guy come in a take the dealership’s finest car for a test drive. But when said interested buyer is none other than four-time Sprint Cup champion Jeff Gordon disguised as an average minivan owner, you know you’re in for a treat – as a spectator. This is exactly the idea behind the latest Pepsi Max ad, in which Gordon hoons a Chevrolet Camaro in the dealership’s parking lot and in surrounding areas, with a desperate and helpless salesman screaming in the front passenger seat. It seems that when he’s not doing the Harlem Shake, Gordon really knows how to have fun. We won’t spoil it for you any further, but we’d like to know your opinion about the video: is it for real, or is the salesman is just a good actor? Tell us below in the comments section. By Dan Mihalascu